The OMFS training pathway can seem quite daunting, but hopefully this page will help you make sense of it! If you have any specific questions please contact your regional rep or contact the JTG!

<aside> 📌 OMFS is no longer than other surgical specialties!

A really common misconception is that OMFS takes miles longer than other surgical specialties. This is a myth! [Read more here]( the career,other surgical SHOs.) - the summary is that OMFS registrars on average are no older than registrars in other specialties!


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I have my Dental Degree. When should I do medicine?

I have my Medical Degree, when should I do dentistry?

Getting into second degree

Whether your primary degree is medicine or dentistry, you’ll eventually have to do both. Below is a list of university courses and their entrance requirements.

Medical courses

Dental courses

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