CST/ST1 and ST3 applications are different from the Foundation Programmes in that they require a separate portfolio that meets a set of criteria. In this section, we’re going to break down the sections from each application (which are largely similar) and give some ideas on how to maximise points in this area. There’ll also be a section on interview preparation.

<aside> 🗓️ CST & ST1 applications open in November with interviews in February & offers in March.


<aside> 🗓️ ST3 applications start in November for an August start, occasionally there are February start applications available.




Commitment to Surgery: Operative Experience

Commitment to Surgery: Exams

Commitment to Surgery: Surgical Courses

Commitment to Surgery: Surgical Conferences


Quality Improvement/Clinical Audit

OMFS Educational Activity

Teaching Experience

Training in Teaching

Leadership & Management

Postgraduate & Additional Degrees

Other Outstanding Achievement

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